The Congress party has pointed out that the congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s handwriting is dissimilar in a note book in the temple visitors’ book in which he had written “a very inspirational place” after he has offered his prayers to Lord Shiva.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Listed As a 'Non-Hindu' guest At Somnath Temple, Row goes off

Reports state that the congress leader Rahul Gandhi is registered as a non-Hindu guest at the well-known Somnath temple in the state of Gujarat and was completely chalked up by the Congress party to a BJP plot ahead of election polls in the state of Gujarat. The evident “slip” lighted a strong storm on Twitter with ‘the famous Somnath Temple’ rising as one of the pinnacle trends of the day. The Congress leader has placed out absolute denials.

“We have no doubts in adding that the congress leader Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu. Not only is the congress leader Rahul Gandhi a Hindu, but at the same time he is a ‘janeu dhari’ Hindu. BJP must not bring down the opinionated discussion to this down level,” Congress representative called as Randeep Surjewala has lashed out at BJP. The Congress VP started his 2-day operation in the fundamental Saurashtra area with a visit to the well-known Somnath temple.

A media manager, Manoj Tyagi, actually signed in for the assembly in a register book meant for only non-Hindu visitors, who require special consent to visit the Somnath temple. The Congress claims that the name “Rahul Gandhi”(Congress Leader) was further added by the BJP. Skewered on social entertainment media, the Congress formed a genuine screenshot of Rahul Gandhi’s handwritten message in the visitors’ note book as evidence that he by no means listed himself as a non-Hindu, and claimed that the writing was not his.

Deependra Hooda (Congress leader) blamed the ruling BJP of passing a “forged page” to harm the reputation of their leader. “Everybody knows Rahul Gandhi (Congress leader) is a complete shiv bhakt (follower). The BJP is always doing what they are good at, and diverting from genuine issues,” added Mr Hooda, holding up the congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s name. Many opponents on social media had attacked Rahul Gandhi for “announcing himself non-Hindu”. Rahul Gandhi’s temple visit and PM Narendra Modi’s sarcastic comments have actually amped up the Gujarat campaign in a day.