Way back in July the local media posted on the Amabrush. Amabrush is a mechanical mouthpiece that supposedly in just 10 Seconds cleaned all your teeth. For those who thought that was yet way extra time to be spending cleaning your teeth, the company introduced the Unico. It is a smartbrush mouthpiece that is stated to clean your teeth in almost 3 Seconds.

Unico Mouthpiece Claimed To Clean Your Teeth In Only 3 Seconds

Unico is fundamentally a mouthpiece having an indefinite number of small brushes, with a micro-pump mechanism conveying toothpaste to every single brush. These brushes are fueled by an individual power unit that has a slots and motor onto the mouthpiece. As per the Kickstarter page of the company, the gadget can truly brush all your teeth in only 1.87 Seconds, but the complete process was concluded on the point of 3 Seconds. The page says, “The device gives you the time to speedily spray on some perfume or do your hair while you are employing it.”

The gadget has 4 separate sizes of mouth unit and every mouth unit assembles in a UV stand for sterilization after utilization. Everything is fitted in a dock that power the motor unit in amid uses, and the gadgets has an associated app that permits you to change the settings of the brush speeds and duration of wash. If you have read this far and are having a little disbelieving feeling, you are not alone. Crowd funding campaign of Unico has been swamped with serious comments, inquiring everything from the footage of the working model to the genuine mechanics of the item.

In classic Kickstarter style, the item has been trade like crazy. And with just a couple of days to go, the Unico has lifted more than $833,000 after expecting for just $89,200. The fundamental kit begins at $118 with pretty fashionable design.