Anshu Dhanuka and her other half Anupam had not believed of making content employing AR (augmented reality) for Kiddopia, their edutainment app. This was till Apple declared its ARKit in June. Now, an ARKit is a set of instrument of software development on iOS 11 for AR.

Augmented Reality Can Lastly Turn Out To Be More Than A Trend

“We had sufficient other stuff to do but the technology for AR was not present.” What she meant by that was until Apple puts its aim on AR, coder had to employ 2rd-party marketplaces to make content of AR for iPads and iPhones. But ARKit turns their job simpler. It took both of them all of 3 Months to put Pet Buddy, an AR game, on the app of Kiddopia in November. Dhanuka claims that it led to a 20% increment in downloads of the application.

“ARKit is simple to understand as well as use. The way AR can be used is extraordinary.” The game, which comprises a dog that can be made to walk & fed and is currently free, will soon be packed into the subscription service of the app. Kiddopia is also utilizing AR to make one more another, where kids can position a 3-dimensional Christmas tree wherever in the house and also beautify it.

AR, which turned out to be popular due to the Pokémon Go game, superimposes virtual images and data on the real world. It can be flat 2D things or more immersive 3D pictures, which is achievable with enhanced motion and image sensing of Google’s ARCore, Apple’s ARKit, and the power of high-end mobile devices. Now, Google’s ARCore is an heir to the Tango project of the company. ARCore currently operates on the Pixel 2, Pixel, and the Samsung Galaxy S8, on a condition that they are operating on Android 7.0 Nougat or a higher iteration of the operating system.