After Britain and the U.S., Australia will now investigate the effect of main digital platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter on journalism, media, and advertising, comprising the spread of false news, in the nation. As per a report this week in The Sydney Morning Herald, the government has requested the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) to scrutinize chief digital platforms.

Australia To Now Scrutinize Google And Facebook

“The ACCC enters into this investigation with an open mind and will learn how digital platforms like Google and Facebook work to completely know their impact in Australia,” Rod Sims, Chairman of ACCC, claimed to the media in an interview. Digital content aggregators and social media platforms will be fraction of the investigation. “We think our information-collecting powers confine them even if they are situated offshore due to the fact that they carry out business in Australia,” Sims claimed.

The investigation might hugely aim on misleading information and market power. A beginning report will be presented by December 2018. While “false news” might be part of this conversation, it will not be the major focus, the report claimed, mentioning Sims. A spokesperson of Facebook claimed that the firm sees forward to a methodical investigation into the media market of Australia.

“Whilst the sharing of entertainment content and news is only a tiny part of the content shared on our platforms, we take our position in the media bionetwork very gravely and invest considerably in goods that back publishers,” the spokesperson claimed. In Britain, Twitter and Facebook have decided to share data with authorities on interference of Russia in the Brexit referendum by employing their platforms. Twitter and Facebook will hand over those posts to the respective authorities.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has also blamed Russia of planting false stories and interfering in the elections along with other similar accusations.