More than 300 private colleges of engineering might be ordered to end processes from the academic session of 2018–2019. These colleges might be instructed not to take on admission operation for any new batch since they had enrolment ratio below 30% for 5 successive years. As per a senior official of HRD (Department of Higher Education), additional 500 colleges of engineering are below investigation for not being capable of filling up seats.

Private Colleges Of Engineering Might Be Instructed To End Operations

The AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has instructed all other similar institutions to think of alternate options such as changing to vocational education institutions or science colleges. As per the website of AICTE, there are almost 3,000 private colleges of engineering providing courses for undergraduate academics in the country, with an intake capability of 13.56 Lakh. Out of these, there are almost 800 colleges of engineering whose percentage of enrolment is below 50%. As per sources of HRD, out of 300 colleges that might be instructed to end processes as engineering colleges, more than 150 have percentage of enrolment below 20%.

As per the AICTE chairperson, the panel has instructed those institutions with percentage of enrolment below 30% to think of alternate options. Claiming that shutting down the colleges might also result in issue for the colleges, chairperson of AICTE, professor Anil D Sahasrabudhe, claimed, “We are brain storming on the problem. Closure is a simple alternative, but that might also result in many difficulties since they have bank loans and have pumped in money. Taking a holistic observation, those colleges that are border line cases might not be instructed to shut down but they will be instructed to select alternate choice on their own.”

The Council might give choices such as changing the colleges of engineering to skill development centers, science colleges, or vocational education colleges.