The biggest battery in the world was formally rolled out last week in Australia, with the Elon Musk-supported project fueled up early to meet high requirement in the middle of a session of hot weather, claimed the official. Tesla constructed the Powerpack system that can offer electricity for over 30,000 homes. He made this system to ease energy woes of South Australia after the state was smacked with an entire blackout last year following an unparalleled storm.

Record-Breaking Battery By Elon Musk Officially Rolled Out In Australia

The one of a kind billionaire previously this year on Twitter offered to construct the battery farm, and finished it previous week to barely beat his self-obligated deadline of having it set in 100 Days. “South Australia in dispatchable renewable energy is now leading the world, delivered to businesses and homes 24 x 7,” claimed Jay Weatherill, the state Premier, last week to the media at the launch in an interview. “This is history in progress,” he further added.

The 129 MWh/100 MW battery is located at the north of Adelaide the rural town of Jamestown and linked to a wind farm run by Neoen, the French energy company. The battery supplied 70MW of stored power last week, claimed the AEMO (Australian Energy Market Operator). It is anticipated to reduce intermittencies, assist deal with power shortages, and address high requirements in summer, when most of the nation undergoes its highest usage of energy.

Tesla claimed that it was confident that the project might offer a model for upcoming deployments all over the globe, adding in a statement last week that its quick achievement shows that an effective and sustainable energy solution is achievable. Previous summer, storms as well as intense hot weather witnessed blackouts that smacked most of the areas of Australia. The AEMO moved on power stations of closed gas-fired to offer additional power to east coast of Australia this season.