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Gadkari To Soon Reveal The Petrol And Methanol Mixing Policy In India

Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that the government will shortly issue a policy of combining 15% methanol in petrol. This will help in reducing depletion of petrol reservoirs and reducing pollution. In a program, Gadkari said, “In the coming session of Parliament, I will announce a policy of mixing 15% methanol in petrol.”

Gadkari To Soon Reveal The Petrol And Methanol Mixing Policy In India

He stated that methanol can be made from coal and its cost is Rs 22 per liter, while the cost of petrol is Rs 80 per liter. China is making it at a cost of Rs 17 per liter. Gadkari said, “This will reduce costs, and will also help to reduce the emission level.” The Union Minister said that factories like Lamp Fertilizers and National Chemicals and Fertilizers located around Mumbai are efficient to produce methanol.

Gadkari further said that Volvo has manufactured such a bus which can run on methanol. He is also in plans to run 25 such buses in Mumbai, which will use local methanol as fuel. The minister said that the use of ethanol should also be utilized on large scale.

He also mentioned that he has conveyed to his associate petroleum minister in the cabinet that he should focus on the use of ethanol rather than setting up a petrol refinery at a cost of Rs 70,000 Crore. Gadkari stated that sales of cars are increasing at 22% per year, which is actually a matter of concern.

The total investment to be spent on setting producing ethanol is estimated at Rs 1.50 lakh crore. Simultaneously, it is hastily following the road project targets. At present, 28 km per day is the speed of roadworks accomplished on daily basis, while the figures will speed up to 40 km in the coming period.

In the financial year, the government is expected to touch the mark of 20,000 km, which was 16,000 km in the previous year.

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