We all travel to new places and one of the best ways to navigate the new place is Maps. But keeping track of the buses and trains can be a bit messy. So, to make this easier, a small yet helpful update will be released by Google for its Google maps soon.

Soon Google Maps May Inform You When You Arrive At Your Train Or Bus Stop

With the update, Google Maps will be able to provide you live direction and interactive immediate alerts during your transit. The notion here is to keep you posted in real-time while you are on your tour. These updates can be seen in the Google Maps application and, possibly most prominently, on the lock screen of your Android.

To get going, you as usual look for your journey routes in Google Maps. What is new here is that one will soon be able to hit a “start” button at the screen’s bottom with the particulars about their travel and then obtain live updates as they ride or walk on their local trains and buses.

So basically, what we understand here is that Google Maps will possibly prompt you to get down your train or bus when you reach closer to your destination. That is certainly handy when one is sleepy while traveling or it is a new place for them. Even the alerts on the lock screen are new. And to add more to it, they will be interactive so that one can scroll right through the steps of their travel.

Although Google Maps has done a good job always by providing us thorough travel routes, the process usually implicated keeping track of one’s own movement along the path. With this update, journey alerts become a bit more similar to using Maps for biking, driving, and walking.

Yet no official announcement is made by Google about this update. Hopefully, the update will be going live soon.