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89% Auto Sales Of India Is Influenced Digitally

Around 90% of car buying of India has a digital manipulation since a bulk of users watch videos and research online prior to making the buyout. This data was given by a report from Google India-Kantar TNS this week to the media. This is much more in comparison to the 2016 trends when the figure stood at almost 75%, the report named “The Drive to Decide” claimed. The report claimed that these auto purchasers exhibited 3 main digital behaviors. Almost 96% claimed that they searched online, 88% claimed that they have a preference to research on their handsets, and 80% claimed that they had watched online clips.

89% Auto Sales Of India Is Influenced Digitally

“Online video has come out as the largest disrupter for the 4-wheeler sector in India. Auto content on YouTube alone has seen an amazing 225% watch time growth as compared to the same period a year ago,” Vikas Agnihotri, Industry Director of Google India, claimed to the media in an interview this week. From a viewpoint of an advertiser, what makes this style even more pertinent is that vehicle makers can now calculate the exact effect that online is posing on offline sales, and that is a actual game-modifier, he claimed.

The report claimed that 41% of the clips seen were cars security tests, 41% displayed the features and technology of the car, 38% were related to the performance of the car, and last but not the least, 33% were user reviews about the car. Kantar TNS’s Gabri Herrmann claimed that the modern auto purchaser walks into the merchant shop armed with a astounding collection of data.

“Inspiring the user and delivering on research requirements is critical. And brands that do well in this will win the race,” he claimed to the media speaking of the report. The research wrapped more than 13,800 members from 27 segments.

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