On Saturday night, a sixteen-year-old UP girl was raped two times. First, she was raped by 2 men, out of the two she knew one of them, and the second time she was raped by a person who was passing by and whom she stopped to seek help to get home.

Girl Allegedly Raped Again When She Asked For Help

The girl lives in Sarojni Nagar’s nearby village, which lies on the outskirts of Lucknow. The girl is a cancer survivor, and while giving her statement to the police she said, “On Saturday evening, I had gone to the market. There I met the boy named Shubham.” She knew Shubham who gave her an offer to drop her back home. He took her on bike saying he would drop her home but took her to an isolated area where he, along with his friend Sumit, raped her at about 11 pm.

Both the boys left her at the roadside and fled. A man who was passing by found her lying by the road, the girl stopped him asking for help, telling him the whole incident. She requested the passerby, apparently a local contractor to drop her home.

But the man even after knowing she has been raped and needs help, raped her again and left her on the road where she was lying unconscious for another few hours, she said. The man has been identified as Virendra Yadav.

Around 2 am, the girl was spotted by some local residents, and the police was immediately informed after which the police took the girl home.

The contractor, however, has been arrested by the police. While the other two have been missing ever since that day and the police are trying everything to catch hold of them.

“One of the culprits has been taken into custody; we are looking for the others. The girl had gone shopping after which she was taken to a different place and was raped,” a police officer Lalita Prasad said. For the last 5 years, the girl has been going through a treatment for cancer in Lucknow’s hospital.