34-year-old Tarika Jain began cooking eggless cakes while residing in Switzerland with her 5-year-old son and her husband. This carried on even after she moved to Bengaluru 3 Years back. What began as a leisure pursuit soon developed into a usual affair after frequent requests from friends and family to cook cakes on particular events. And Jain did not give it much consideration when she agreed to make cash in the procedure.

Clicking E-Commerce And Social Media Makes Business Sense For Homepreneurs

Operating from home, Jain delivers and bakes customized cakes in Bengaluru to people. “I began by creating a page on Facebook and posting images on it. Within 1 Year, I began reciting orders,” she claimed. She developed it into a platform dubbed as Sweet Delight and operates it as a single-woman show.

Increasing females are selecting to become homemakers-turned-entrepreneurs (also known as homepreneurs) who operate from the soothe of their house and at their personal time. Sairee Chahal, founder at Sheroes, which is a professional development network for females, claims that she witnesses many females now shifting towards homepreneurship, where they turn an idea or a skill into a tiny business, and sometimes transforming it into a complete-fledged firm. “On our website we witnessed a 52-year-old woman commencing to make homemade soaps and developing this craft into a business,” claims Chahal.

Social media playing a huge part

Jain operates her business only via WhatsApp and Facebook. No Internet site. Information from Sheroes displays that as much as 2 Million female homemakers are reselling clothing and Facebook goods employing just Facebook and WhatsApp.

Female entrepreneurs employ these social media website to display their goods that they either manufacture at a small scale or source locally. The goods are then promoted employing Instagram pages and Facebook groups. Even transactions have turned out to be simpler with the arrival of mobile wallets, and will turn out to be even simpler in the future.