This year’s placements at the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) witnessed a spectacular modification in a recognized trend. IIT-Kanpur that had the majority of successful Day One, fetching the biggest number of proposals. IIT-Bombay had not caught up till it was good 5 days into the job placements and it was at IIT-Madras that the biggest amount of candidates was placed. The information disturbs the saga that IIT-Bombay posts the most excellent placement season each year.

IIT-Madras Overtakes IIT-Bombay In Placements This Year

“On the whole, firms have spread all over the nation, so there is no main fondness for Bombay any longer. In addition to this, many companies this year are selecting talent for their R&D jobs. So they have moved all over campuses to pick a lot of individuals,” claimed adviser, training and placement at IIT-Madras, Manu Santhanam, to the media in an interview.

Opening day proposals in 2017 were up by 20% to 50 % in comparison to last year. Numbers of IIT-Kanpur were elevated up by Intel (the biggest recruiter), which selected 59 student in the initial slot. “Many other companies selected up bigger numbers in comparison to the last year, which reflects the fact that the sector is also fine,” claimed placement head at IIT-Kanpur, Syam Nair, to the media in an interview.

Day One proposals at IIT-Kharagpur increased up to 192, much higher in comparison to 127 of last year. “For the past 4 years I have been in this office and this has certainly been the most excellent,” claimed placement head at IIT-Kharagpur, Debasis Deb, to the media in an interview. Almost 1,185 out of its 1,900 candidates have already received a job offer.

In the same way, Day One at IIT Madras witnessed 35 more proposals in comparison to 195 of last year, even international proposals rose up to 22 this year from 10 of 2016.