Researchers have designed the first automatic car that can run over roads covered with snow, making the oath for autonomous cars that can securely navigate via slippery stretches. Martti, the completely self-directed robot car and designed by scientists at Finland’s VTT Technical Research Centre, was also successful in making a fresh record for speed of 40 Kilometers each hour.

First Robot Car That Can Travel Through Snow

Martti is fitted with antennas, cameras, laser scanners, and sensors just similar to its counterpart Marilyn. It has 3 laser scanners scanning the surrounding only in front of the car, whereas its counterpart Marilyn has 2 scanners one seeing backwards and one looking forwards. “When in spring this year we trained the automated car Marilyn to run, this autumn it has been training us on how to make Martti so that it can get by with its counterpart, and follow positioning and GPS data on its path,” claimed Matti Kutila, the project manager from RobotCar Crew of VTT, to the media in an interview.

“Martti has been assigned for demanding conditions of weather and Marilyn emerges as the queen of urban regions,” claimed Kutila. Martti was also provided exhaustive training on the bright road of Muonio. “It obviously has a very resolute mindset, and after a unrelenting training session of24 Hours, it began working,” claimed Ari Virtanen, who was in command of designing the vehicle and its tool.

“Previously, Marilyn needed a lot more process, since its control software was made from scrape. Martti employs the similar software, which did no longer need more than small changes,” Virtanen claimed. Martti gave that its speed record when it was permitted to increase up speed. “It almost certainly also made a fresh world record in completely automated driving, making 40 Kilometers each hour on snow-covered path in a snowfall without markings on the lane,” Kutila claimed.