One of the well-liked cab aggregators in India, Uber, has surfaced with its personal 2017 year ender in which it has unveiled a group of trends that it observed during the last 12 Months in India. The firm discusses about the time of hectic days, when most cabs are booked, when most Uber cabs booked in a single day, and more.

Uber Unveils Top Trends In India For 2017

The cab company claims that it discovered 6 PM was the time when most of the people in India booked an Uber car. “People in India at this time of the day took the most trips, recommending that we take off work by 6 PM prior to plotting a quick escape,” claimed the blog post by the company.

Also cited is that Friday was the most chaotic day for the firm since most of the cars were ordered each week on that day. In addition, August 11, 2017 was the day when most Uber cars were booked. On the other hand, October 30 was the least accepted day for Uber to ride.

On an international level, the service of the company was used by people in India in as many as 566 towns across 80 nations through 2017. “Popular nations to visit amongst Uber users of India include Singapore, the U.S., Malaysia, the U.K., and UAE, with the U.S. coming out as leader since it is the most trendy holiday destination,” claimed the company.

It is significant to include that this year Uber dealt to cross 5 Billion rides all over the world. “India also rejoiced hosting 19 of the 156 concurrent trips that comprised of 5 Billionth ride of Uber in May all over the world.”

As for UberEats, the firm claims that people in India ordered “Samosa Chole” the most employing the facility. Its biggest date was June 18, 2017, for food when ICC Champions final of India-Pakistan happened.