Dogs are the man’s best friend—this is the fact known to everyone but contrasting the statement, an incident took place in rural Virginia, where a 22-year old lady got killed by her two pet dogs.

Bethany Lynn Stephens was very close to her dogs, as per the local residents and this incident is very unlikely to happen. However, the injuries on her skull and the entire body explain a different story.

Lady Killed By Her Dogs In Rural Virginia

The Sheriff of Goochland County said that the reality is highly disturbing and gruesome to unveil. But the local residents were in terror regarding the death of the lady. Some suspected her to be killed and to assure them that no killer is at loose; the Sheriff explained the horrific incident that took place recently.

She took her dogs for a walk and didn’t return, which made her father search the area where she usually went for the walk. There he found the dogs were guarding the remains of an animal, which was later found to be his daughter.

The Sheriff and his colleagues found that that the dogs were eating the rib cage of the lady, which was a horrifying scene for them as well. Though the social media is overflowing with the various possibilities of her death, the defensive bite marks on her elbow and arms prove that the incident had taken place as suspected.

Though the samples are sent for a forensic investigation, the visual inspection proves canine marks. It is also suspected that if any bigger animal like a bear attacked her, the teeth would have easily punctured her skull.

She was staying in a different place and the dogs were living with her father, who usually kept them at an outdoor kennel. This might have been the reason for attack; however, the actual reason for the aggression is still unknown.