The next time you take a shared private cab in Delhi, just beware as the lifafa gang (the envelope gang) is back in action in the Capital.

This gang targets the daily travelers waiting on bus stands. In the most recent case, the gang targeted a 50-year-old man, who is a tax consultant apparently. He lost nearly around Rs. 70,000.

Lifafa Gang On Prowl Again, Delhiites Beware!

Ajay Kumar (name changed) on December 11 was at the bus stand in Mahipalpur extension waiting to board a private cab to go to Okhla. While he was waiting there, a man in the meantime came up to him and asked him, how to reach Nehru Place from there, to which Ajay Kumar said that even he was going in the same direction and they both have to take the same cab. In the queue, there was a third person who said he would also join them in the same cab, as even he wants to go in the same direction. All three of us took the cab when the main person of the gang started telling his story.

Ajay Kumar, while speaking about the incident said, the person who came up to him asking for direction was the leader of the gang and he told me that he was a cop who is round the clock on duty and he is out to catch a gang which has stolen around 40 lakh from Lajpat Nagar’s ATM. He told us, someone has informed him of the robber being in Nehru Place, roaming in plain clothes and carrying a walkie-talkie and also that he has a revolver with him.

He was informed over the walkie-talkie that there was a man carrying 15 lakh who has been caught and also was beaten up. While he was narrating all this to us, I noticed the cab had suddenly changed the route. When I inquired about it they said, the cab was a police car and they urgently have to go to Dhaula Kuan police station, they then asked me to open my bag and show it to them as they said, “We want to make sure you are a genuine person.”

I did as they asked me to, but to my surprise, the man picked 8000 cash from my bag and he asked me to keep that money in a yellow color envelope for the investigation of the police.

When I denied to do what he asked me to do, he said don’t mess with me as you are in a police car; he also took my three debit cards along with the security pin number of each. They took the sim card out of my phone also and showed the revolver to me threatening me to do as they are saying otherwise they would kill me. At the Dhaula Kuan flyover, they threw me out of the car and fled away. Ajay Kumar said, by the time I reached the police station to file a complaint, a sum of 70,000 had already been debited from my account.

The police said, “The investigation of the case is going and we will find the gang very soon”.