The operating license of Uber Technologies Inc has been pulled off in Sheffield, the 4th biggest city in England. The action was taken as the company failed to reply to requests concerning the management of the firm, as said by the local council. And the firm is also notified that it cannot offer services after December 18 in the city.

License Of Uber Suspended In Sheffield, As It Fails To Reply To Firm Management Requests

Sheffield city council officials said, “If it prefers to appeal this deferral it can carry on functioning until the plea is heard. If it opts against a plea, the deferral will be enforced.” The ruling of Sheffield pursues an analogous verdict made by transport watchdog of London, which suggested Uber be prohibited from the capital owing to safety concerns. The biggest European hub of Uber is the UK and its application against the verdict of Transport for London to withdraw its license is decided to be heard on December 11.

The ride-hailing firm mentioned it, on October 5, updated the committee that the named person on its license required to be amended as that individual was departing from the firm. However, the council said it cannot amend the name and rather the San Francisco-based firm would require applying for a new license. An Uber spokesman said, “Though we are in contact with the ruling body on regular basis, we did not obtain the correspondence the committee mentions as they sent the correspondences to a wrong address.”

Sheffield is a huge city in England’s north, 4th in volume after London, Birmingham, and Manchester. In the past, an industrial powerhouse renowned for its steel production, now the city is becoming a larger thespian in digital media, the arts, and technology. Uber stated if it cannot solve the matter by the December 18 time limit, it will plea the verdict to keep working in the city.