All the schools in Aligarh have been given a warning by the Hindu Jagran Manch not to celebrate Christmas. They have threatened the schools that if the school decides to go ahead with the celebration then they should be ready for the outcome saying, “If you will be celebrating Christmas, then do it on your own risk.”

Hindu Jagran Manch Warns All Schools In Aligrah, Including Christian Ones, Not To Celebrate Christmas

In the Uttar Pradesh city, the warning has set an alarm in all the educational institutes, especially the ones that are Christian as this festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm by students, teachers and all the other staff of the school.

In a circular released by the Hindu Jagran Manch, it has warned that all the schools and other educational institutes should not to celebrate the festival of Christmas, and if they will celebrate, it would be on their own risk.

President of the Hindu Jagran Manch, Sonu Savita said: “All the schools will soon receive the circular, and whatever response we get from the schools we will decide what action has to be taken against them.”

President of Public School Development Society, Praveen Agarwal expressed his concern on this matter and said, “We celebrate all the festivals belonging to all the communities in our school which teaches the students that all religions are equal.”

The Governor of Parent’s Association, Mr. Anurag Gupta had a similar reaction and he said: “Our school has been helping the students to acquire knowledge of different religions, and that would help the students when they to move to different countries”.

Rajesh Pandey, a senior superintendent of police, said: “The district authorities will not allow any school to not celebrate Christmas forcefully if the school desires to celebrate the festival they can celebrate it without any fear”.

Mr. Pandey has assured all the schools that they would be given full security on Christmas and that no one is allowed to take law in their hands. If anyone tries to cause any kind of interference in the celebration, they will be taken into police custody.