Against Adhyatmik Vishwa Vidyalaya, also Virender Dev Dixit, who is the founder of the ashram, a CBI investigation has been ordered by the High Court of Delhi. In the Vishwa Vidyalaya, more than hundreds of women were made to stay in animals-like condition. Along with women many minors were also kept and were being assaulted sexually for past so many years.

Delhi HC Orders CBI Investigation Against Delhi’s Ashram Where Women And Minors Kept In 'Animal-Like' Conditions

The CBI was asked by high court officials, C Hari Shankar senior advocate and the stand-in Chief Justice Gita Mitta to carry out a special inquiry by setting up a special investigating team as this matter was a very serious one.

Relating to the complaints of girls who had gone missing, committed suicide and complained of sexual offenses, the FIR has been filed in Delhi.

The panel that was appointed for investigation by the court itself informed that the state of the ashram was very bad and the way the people were kept there was even worse.

In accordance with law, CBI will be investigating all the cases that have been registered in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, and it will also inspect the day-to-day diary entries. Further, it will proceed with the inquiry referring to the diary entries. A report by the CBI will be filed within three weeks, so far as the cases registered.

Few buildings near the ashram have also come to the court’s notice and the North Corporation administrator has given orders to check the authenticity of these buildings whether the buildings are legally built or are illegal.

Details of all the inmates of the ashram also must be submitted to the court as asked by the court from the ashram. The court has also raised questions about the missing girl from the ashram.

An NGO named “Foundation For Social Empowerment” was the first to make the court aware of the ill practices that the Ashram was following and the poor condition that the women were living in, referring it to be somewhat like the Dera Sacha Sauda sect.

A panel created by the court informed the court that the women were living in worse condition and they did not have any privacy even for bathing.

The court was also informed that the inmates were drugged most of the time and were also sexually assaulted by the ashram staff, while the place of the ashram was inspected.

The court charged the staff of the ashram with the action of disrespecting the court against the people working for the ashram.

The court also indicated the health department of Delhi to send a couple of doctors inside the Ashram to check the health condition of the inmates.