Delhi’s air quality unexpectedly fell to a “severe” zone, from remaining “moderate” just about a week ago.

In November, Delhi saw the poor air quality again before it had witnessed a similar condition last year in 2016 in which Delhiites had choked into harmful poisonous smog. The smog was spread all over Delhi because of the farmers who had burnt their crop residues.

Delhi's Air Quality Dips To Severe Zone Once Again

According to reports, the air quality increased from 359 on Wednesday to 469 on Thursday.

As per Central Pollution Control Board, 469 lies into a severe category whereas 359 lies into the category of being very poor.

The unexpected increase in the pollution levels in the Capital could be because of the speed of the wind and because of the increase in the level of humidity, because of which the pollutants were trapped.

The quality of air will most probably become better by Sunday evening as wind speeds increase according to the met officials.

The level of AQI was more than 400 between November 7 and November 13.

The bad quality of air can affect people who are free from any kind of health problem and will have seriously impact health of those who already have any health problem.

The sudden rise in poor air quality is because of increase in humidity and decrease in wind speeds falling to a minimum. But a change in the movement of winds has been noticed and on Friday, we will again see the speed of wind between 10 and 15 km/hour in the afternoon and by evening the pollutants will be cleared out from the air because of high winds. Currently, westerly winds are blowing, and these westerly constituents will be remaining over the next few days.