What can be more adorable than the friendship with a 2-year-old kid? However, if the friend is not human but grey langur, the story takes a different turn. This is the scenario of Karnataka’s Dharwad district, where a kid named Samarth Bangari has befriended two dozen langur monkeys.

Real Life Mowgli Befriends Monkeys

His parents work in a nearby field and he is usually left alone to stay on his own. It was discovered one fine morning that he has earned him a great companionship in the form of monkeys. They also behave in a strange manner with him, as if they have been acquaintances for a long time. The monkeys flock around him, not only for food but also to play and spend a great time together.

This is in a village named Allapur, situated nearly 400 kilometers from Bangalore. The monkeys make sure to come back every single day to meet the Mowgli of the 20th century. This situation has been reported by his Uncle, Barama Reddy, who also adds that the langurs have never missed coming to the village a single day since they became friends. They come at a particular time and make sure to spend some quality time with him. Even if the boy is asleep, they wake him up to play and eat together before departing.

Initially, after the family discovered the unusual friendship, they were scared to leave the child alone with the monkeys. However, they were proven wrong and gradually the trust grew. Samarth, who can’t speak properly, even communicates with them in a strange language.

To check the uniqueness of the friendship, another kid was also shoved into the pack; this turned the monkeys aggressive. This is the proof that these monkeys are the true friends of Samarth and this association is materializing the imagination created years ago by Rudyard Kipling through a world famous book named ‘The Jungle Book’.