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Amul Celebrates Shashi Tharoor’s Love For English Words

Shashi Tharoor, the MP of Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) flares Twitter with his fondness for big English words and makes people fetch through their dictionaries for its meaning. The Twitters followers went to an extent where even his typo error in his tweet seemed like a new word.

Amul Celebrates Shashi Tharoor’s Love For English Words

Amul, the dairy brand inspired by the Parliamentarian’s twitter post where he used an extraordinary word “Rodomontade” released their dedicated yet delightful cartoon. On December 15, Friday, Amul as its nature came up with a cartoon on the trending topical issue, where the famous Amul girl is looking vulnerable and lost in the search of the meaning of the words in the huge dictionary while a beautiful caricature of Shashi Tharoor smiles sitting beside her with a humorous tagline called “Tharooraurus Anyone?”.

Tharoor, the politician from Congress, recently twitted which mentioned a word called “Rodomontade”; the Amul creation was in response to his tweet. Amul with its creation wanted to depict his followers’ keenness to search for the dictionary to understand Tharoor’s tweets. Shashi with his reply wiped off the uniqueness of the creation by diary brand. The Thiruvananthapuram MP responded by mentioning that he was butterly honored by the Amul’s creation while adding further to the tweet, he states that the honor made him feel like Tharoorosaurus Rex, which meant an ancient creature that is becoming inexistent doused in the cloud of disbelief. His reply clearly took a toll on the Twitter and amongst his followers.

Amul’s creative directors tried to blend Tharoor with the glossary for people who would look for the meaning in the dictionary but Shashi with his new twist managed to gain the limelight again. With the word tharoorosaurusrex, Shashi invented a new version for the dinosaur’s family while people celebrating his humor with witty reactions and endearing re-tweets to his twitter post.

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