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While Family Was About To Cremate Him, SHO Brings Dead Man Back To Life

A man was saved by a police officer who was about to be cremated by his family members thinking that he was dead.

From an unknown person, from Bara Hindi Rao area, the police received a call informing them about the man who was thought to be dead by his own family members.

Sanjay Kumar, the SHO as he received the information about the man who was considered to be dead apparently he reached the house with his team of police where he found the family mourning.

While Family Was About To Cremate Him, SHO Brings Dead Man Back To Life

The family then started to tell everything in detail to the police. They told the officer that it was around 6 pm that the boy went inside his room.

The father of the boy went inside his room after 20 minutes and it was then he found him hanging from the ceiling fan.

The body of the boy was brought down from the fan and then the police was informed about the incident.

SHO Sanjay Kumar began his investigation and on investigating he found that the ceiling of the room was too low for someone to die by hanging themselves. The family of the boy had started preparing for the funeral.

Just before the van had arrived to take the body to the mortuary, SHO Kumar checked the pulses of the boy and he found that his pulses were very weak.

He took the boy immediately to the hospital giving him CPR on the way to the hospital. However, the doctors were able to revive the boy.

The police were told by the doctors that they had brought the boy right on time; if there would have been a slight delay, then the boy might have died.

Later when the boy was in the state to give his statement, he told the police that he was tired of his parents scolding him always and hence had tried to commit suicide.

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