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The members of Brooks In Beta, including writer and editors, are skillful to offer its readers with the most up-to-date events around the world. Nevertheless, it is the readers whose opinions, feedback’s, and contribution will help us to offer a bit more to you. So, as the public of an unprejudiced publication website, we at Brooks In Beta would like to take into account your viewpoints on the articles presented here.

We would also welcome inputs and entries regarding Technology, Business, and Politics,Health presenting an interface to aid you to get to the people around the world. The only points to remember while presenting your article and entries is they should be within the set word count of 360 – 480 words to make it brief and quick read. Most importantly, any content found to be plagiarized will not be approved as we value originality. And the articles should be such that take the readers’ interest into consideration.

No website is 100% full fledged unless there isn’t a single follower or reader. How it would sound if the site has some truly serious information but the count of the visitor is still awaited even after cutting the inauguration ribbon. As content is the king from this side of the website, the visitor is considered as an ultimate element in the whole process.

The whole attempt of editors and writers is dependent on the response of reader. The feedback, opinions no matter what, positive or negative, are considered as supporting parameter for the back end team. We eagerly appreciate the contribution through your voice as well as your opinions will make our website more precise and curated. We, through, call all the aspirants who are looking for a top-rated online media platform for expressing their words of experience in the diverse industry segments. No matter what domain you hold your expertise in, may it be business, technology, or health, we are here with the platform to help you convey your valuable contribution.

We are too strict about the duplicate content and have right to reject the article if found in the case of plagiarism. The facts and statistics should keenly be validated before posting the article.

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