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Chhota Rajan Face Threats From Dawood

Delhi gangster Neeraj Bawana has become a life-threat to Chhota Rajan, who is currently detained in Tihar Jail. Bawana has been engaged by Mumbai Don Dawood Ibrahim’s D Company to complete the task. Dawood had been the main accuse in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

Chhota Rajan Face Threats From Dawood

According to the reports by The Times of India, Tihar Jail authorities have said that in a secret meeting Neeraj Bawana himself has given an indication of this task to one of his visitors. Jail authorities got a hint of the scenario through their intelligence report team.

Initially, Neeraj Bawana was also detained in the same jail but a different cell, No. 2. After this information, he was taken to another cell since he was posing a life-threat to Chhota Rajan. So, it was important to isolate him from Bawana. A question of security has been raised by many organizations, but Tihar Jail authorities have claimed that they are ready with total security as both Chhota Rajan and Neeraj Bawana are two important detainees of the jail. The authorities have also confirmed that Neeraj Bawana will not be able to attack any more gangsters again as they have become more conscious about his next planning.

The report of the intelligence team confirms that they got this alert in the middle of November. They said that one of Bawana aides, who was released on bail during that time, had called one of his gangster fellows and spoken of this plan in a drunken state. He had spoken of big tasks ahead of them and related the entire plan. According to the report, this task was planned after the 1993 Mumbai blast, when Chhota Rajan and Dawood Ibrahim separated from each other. Neeraj was contacted by a D company member and the contract was confirmed through an associate of Dawood in jail.

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