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Hardik Shows Solidarity With Kumar Vishwas

Hardik Patel, the Patidar leader, showcases his support to Dr. Kumar Vishwas, one of the most prominent founding members of AAP, by posting a message on Twitter yesterday. He claims that Dr. Vishwas is the only person who can easily shut the fake nationalists in the Parliament. However, he also expressed his concern regarding the chances of elimination of the party and the positive opportunities related to it in exchange for the challenges thrown by him to the AAP or Aam Admi Party.

Hardik Shows Solidarity With Kumar Vishwas

Patel created a great amount of whispering with his tweet, which was posted just before the selection of the nominees for the forthcoming Rajya Sabha Elections.

It is noticed that Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas, who were the closest companions at one time, is no longer in talking terms after the Punjab elections.

After the overwhelming response from Delhi, AAP has gained the right to nominate 3 MPs to the Upper House. Vishwas has claimed a position in the same that might get rejected by the party.

After the news of the rift between the inseparable friends arose, Kejriwal tried to clear the smoke with a tweet, where he mentioned that Vishwas is his brother and no one can separate them irrespective of any tricks.

Kejriwal even met him at his residence to clear the misunderstanding between them, which was evidently not sorted.

At the National Council Meeting or NC of the party, Vishwas was denied a speaking slot, which clearly demonstrated the bruised relationship between the duo.

Omendra Bharat, an AAP worker, also supported Vishwas by telling him as a leader who will be able to represent the party at the parliament in the most competent manner.

However, in spite of the strong support, the chances of Vishwas cracking the nut of Rajya Sabha are looking slim.


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