Friday , February 23 2018
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Researchers at Vienna innovated “Language of stem cells”


A team of Markus Hengstschlager at the Institute of Medical Genetics of MedUni Vienna has found for the first time that our body is filled with cells and our stems can control them to execute any explicit functions. This fact is termed as the “language of stem cells”. This research …

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MRI can assess kidney scarring and determine future kidney function


The research team from the St. Michael’s Hospital has discovered 2 first-of-its-kind findings—an MRI can assess kidney damage and can envisage the kidney function within 1 year while circumventing needle biopsies. A particular MRI test, known as elastogram, was used by the team to evaluate kidney scarring in a group …

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Robert Lustig: The candy crusher turning people against sugar

dr robert

According to Robert Lustig, sugar is a gateway drug. There are a number of people who are obsessed with sugary foods since their childhood and are struggling to get over their addiction. Once the love for sugary products is developed in the taste buds then it is very difficult to …

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