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‘No populist Budget’: NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Says

The following Union Budget won’t be a populist one said NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar while rejecting worries of expanding fiscal deficit.

'No populist Budget': NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Says

Rajiv Kumar told BTVI in an interview that the real reason for worry would be if the government was trying to make the people happy by cutting down on taxes and not spending money wisely. He assured that the current administration with Prime Minister Modi at its helm would never make those kinds of mistakes.

Furthermore, he said that the current government has never been and will never be interested in purchasing votes by making a budget conducive to the favorable mindset of the common man

He added that the surplus debt is because money has been invested in creating greater capability of production, which will lead to better growth and making changes in the financial infrastructure which will have a good impact on the GDP. All these are justifiable reasons for spending the money.

Rajiv Kumar said it’s been a half year into the GST period and incomes will ascend in the time ahead of us. The economy is taking time to stabilize, he added.

Furthermore, he communicated certainty on the Foreign Direct Investments front and said there would be a great deal of money flowing in to the country which is great.

As the simplicity of working, as a business enhances, we get an ever-increasing number of states getting into that mindset. And as we get GST getting settled and tidied up, we will see that every one of the individual, who has a desire to do clean business and who wants to start something of his own in which he can live by the standards and work by the guidelines will all get pulled in towards India, he continued going on to say that he sees a great year for private investments.

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