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Tushar ImadeTushar Imade – Contributor

Tushar’s deep knowledge of domains such as Business Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, connected devices, and virtual reality among others makes him a valuable resource. With incredible experience in writing, he brings noteworthy insights and a fresh perspective on various topics. From current affairs to historical milestones, Tushar is well versed with the news that matters the most. As a contributor, he promises to enlighten the readers with information that are unbiased and accurate.

 Email: tushar.i@brooksinbeta.com


Vaibhav BhosaleVaibhav Bhosale – Sr.Editor & Writer

An investigative approach to everything landed Vaibhav on his journey to seek finer details in every domain. Thus, his thorough research skills and an analytical mind have proven to be a valuable asset to his writings. Vaibhav covers a wide range of topics and offers expert opinions to his readers to help them make well-informed decisions. His career is the perfect confluence of his education and interest, which makes him a thorough professional.
Email: vaibhav.b@brooksinbeta.com


Mrunal GhimeMrunal Ghime – Author & Contributor

With a master’s degree in mass communication and journalism, Mrunal’s specialty lies in investigating and exploring interesting subjects such as business, technology, and science. His extensive experience as a content expert at brooksinbeta has rendered his ability to dive deep into the historical, contemporary, and unexplored nuances of these sectors.
Email: mrunal.g@brooksinbeta.com


Hiren-SamHiren Sam – Editor

Hiren is an energetic travel aficionado and a gizmo freak. He prefers to write when engaged in finding out how science works on every possible action or occurrences. Hiren is passionate about the work research he does and has succinct knowledge about the same, which makes him an efficient contributor to our team.
Email: hiren.sam@brooksinbeta.com

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