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The Tragedy That Could Have Been Averted

Just a few months back, Mumbai’s civic body was warned about dangerous violations in the four-floored building at Kamala Mills where an outburst of fire at a rooftop restaurant killed 14. Politian Mangesh Kasalkar of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, asserts to have lodged a complaint to the BMC regarding the Trade House building says he was informed not to worry as there was “nothing illegal.”

The Tragedy That Could Have Been Averted

The outburst happened around 12.30 am in the “1 Above” pub and gradually engulfed the adjoining “Mojo’s Bistro”. A woman celebrating her birthday and her friends were the victims. The fire was aggravated with the help of a false ceiling made of dry bamboo and left no escape route for the people partying there.

The biggest breach of fire safety rules so far is the absence of fire extinguishers in the restaurant. At the same time, there were no emergency exits. The owner of 1 Above pub started the blame game and held Mojo’s Bistro responsible, which was located on the lower floor for not having an emergency exit, leading to congestion of 1 Above’s escape routes.

As per reports, illegal constructions worsened the fire and finally brought the restaurants down. Mojo Bistro was also reduced to ashes but reported no loss of lives.

Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis demanded for an “in-depth inquiry” and is undertaking strict measures against those responsible.

Kirit Somaiya, a BJP lawmaker, said that the fire department had given illegal No Objection Certificates to such restaurants despite violating the rules.

In an official statement, Mojo’s Bistro claimed to have made full compliance with all fire safety norms and procedures with well-trained staff, who can evacuate all guests and maintain complete safety with no injuries. The restaurant denied the presence of LPG cylinders in its premises and is looking forward to help in all possible ways.

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